Upcoming Events

2016 - 2017
August 18 Thursday C.A.S.E. Institute Day (All Staff)
August 19 Friday C.A.S.E. Institute Day (Program Assistants do not work)
August 22 Monday First Day of Student Attendance
September 5 Monday Labor Day (No School)
September 23 Friday Progress Reports Issued
September 26 Monday Picture Day
October 10 Monday Columbus Day (No School)
October 11 Tuesday Glenwood Institute Day (No School) (All Staff)
October 21 Friday End of First Quarter
November 11 Friday Progress Reports Issued
November 16 Wednesday Full Day of Student AttendanceParent Conferences 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm
November 23 Wednesday Non-Attendance Day (No School)
November 24 - November 25 Thanksgiving Break (No School)
December 19 – December 30 Winter Break (No School)
January 2 Monday Non-Attendance Day (No School)
January 3 Tuesday Classes Resume
January 13 Friday End of First Semester
January 16 Monday Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (No School)

February 10


Progress Reports Issued

February 20


Presidents Day (No School)




March 3 Friday C.A.S.E. Institute Day (No School)(All Staff)
March 17 Friday End of Third Quarter
March 27 – March 31 Spring Break (No School)
April 3 Monday Classes Resume
April 14 Friday Spring Holiday (No School)  
April 21 Friday Progress Reports Issued
May 29 Monday Memorial Day (No School)
May 31 Wednesday Last day for staff and students (If Emergency Days Are Not Used)