Our curriculum and instructional strategies are designed to meet the needs of each student. We employed evidence based materials, programs and practices in our classroom in support of our students. Our teachers are committed to high quality instruction in whole group, small group and individual settings. We regularly integrate web based programs and computer assisted instruction into our delivery to enhance the student learning experience. Our instruction is aligned to the Common Core curriculum standards and supported by curricular materials which embed the Common Core in their content.


The following curricula, interventions and programs are currently deployed within our classrooms:

Literacy                                               Math

Reading Street K-6                           Everyday Math K-5

Expert 21 Course 1 & 2                   ALEKS Math 3-12


RAZ kids Reading

Glenwood’s course content and rigor is closely matched with that of Glenbard District 87 to ensure a smooth and successful transition when a student returns to their home school. High school courses are closely aligned to Glenbard District 87 to ensure that students have the smoothest possible transition upon return to their school or origin and to keep them on track to meet graduation requirements.

Glenwood partners with the Northeast DuPage Special Recreation Association (NEDSRA) to offer art and music therapies. We employ a range of technologies to support student learning and effective instruction including Smart Board applications, pc based computer labs, iPads, and web based instructional support programs.

Developmentally Appropriate Pro-social Independence: The faculty, staff and leadership of Glenwood are committed to teaching and cultivating developmentally appropriate pro-social independence within our students. Our program is designed to assess the level of pro-social independence of each student and to devise strategies, interventions, and experiences that help our students build their capacity to become increasingly independent and successful in a school setting.

Appropriate behaviors, attitudes, and strategies are explicitly taught, modeled, rehearsed, and reinforced throughout our program each day. Students are encouraged by praise, increased independence, and rewards for pro-social independence within our school.

Social Skills Class: Teaching Social Skills is built into the daily schedule. The Glenwood social worker or school psychologist goes into each classroom using research-based curriculum. Daily lessons are taught and specific social skills are targeted school-wide after reviewing school and student data to foster social emotional growth and success.

Life Space Crisis Intervention: The faculty, staff and leadership of Glenwood School are committed to teaching students to successfully meet the challenges of their lives in a positive and productive manner. We believe that students make behavioral changes when they make accurate and reasonable judgement about their own actions as well as accurate assessments of the actions of others. Each member of our professional team is trained and certified in Life Space Crisis Intervention (L.S.C.I.) which is an evidence supported cognitive coaching technique. The explicit goal of L.S.C.I. is to assist students to gain insight into their own behaviors and learning pro-social alternatives to unproductive behavioral patterns.

Therapeutic Services: Glenwood is committed to providing therapeutic services for the development of each student. This is accomplished by providing a safe and supportive classroom environment to meet students’ academic and social emotional needs. Glenwood’s therapeutic staff includes certified and licensed school social workers and school psychologists. They are willing to maintain regular contact with private therapists who work with students and families.

Adapted Physical Education (PDF): Glenwood School Physical Education curriculum is designed to develop healthy and physically educated students.